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Habilitation and Professor Appointment Procedures

Habilitation procedure and Professor Appointment Procedure at MU in accordance with Sections 72 and 74 of Act No. 111/1998 Coll., on Higher Education Institutions and on Amendments and Supplements to Other Acts (Higher Education Act), in accordance with the "Habilitation Procedure Code and Procedure for the Appointment of Professors at MU" and the Directive MU No. 7/2017 "Habilitation Procedures and Procedure for Appointment of Professors" (hereinafter referred to as the Directive).

Faculty of Informatics MU has accredited habilitation and professorship procedures in Informatics . Management fees are not collected from applicants.

Habilitation procedure

The habilitation procedure verifies the applicant's scientific or artistic qualifications, in particular on the basis of the habilitation thesis and its defense and other scientific, professional or artistic works, and its pedagogical competence based on the assessment of the habilitation lecture and previous teaching practice.

The habilitation procedure is initiated by submitting a written proposal of the applicant including habilitation thesis and all attachments Directive to the Dean of the Faculty through Department of Research, Development and Doctoral Studies.

Professor Appointment Procedure

The professorship procedure demonstrates the candidate's pedagogical and scientific or artistic qualifications, who is a distinguished and respected scientific or artistic personality in his field. The prerequisite for the initiation of the proceedings is the prior appointment of an associate professor on the basis of a habilitation procedure, if a habilitation thesis was submitted. In exceptional cases, when a professor is proposed to a professor at a renowned university abroad, the rector may, at the proposal of the university's scientific or artistic council, appoint a senior lecturer as a precondition to initiate the appointment procedure.

The Professor Appointment Procedure is initiated at the request of the Applicant supported by at least two written statements by Professors of the same or related discipline or by the Dean's proposal to the Scientific Council of the Faculty. The Scientific Board of the Faculty may also initiate proceedings on its own initiative. Attachments are included Directive .

Department of Research, Development and Doctoral Studies