Internships FI MU for companies

Internships aim to acquaint students with the real work environment in order to gain practical experience both technical and in dealing with people, managing time requirements, etc.

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Internships are a mandatory part of these programs:

B-PVA Application Programming and Development
Students will work as programmers, developers or administrators of computer and information systems.

B-CS Cybersecurity
Students can apply for internships as system administrators, network administrators, security monitoring center operators (SOC), members of CSIRTs, lower or middle cybersecurity management, software engineers of secure IT applications and systems, but also as a training tutors or assistants to cybersecurity managers.

N-RSSS Software Systems Development Management
Deep knowledge and experience in informatics and a broad overview and basic skills in other fields (economics, marketing, management, law, etc.) are required for a suitable scope of work. The professional IT part should be supplemented by the use of soft skills.

N-SWE Software Engineering
Suitable positions for the internship are software systems or mobile application development, software engineer, UI / UX or frontend developer, database systems architect, DevOps engineer.

Basic information:

The contact for submitting information for internships is:
Lucie Válová

The guarantor of the internship is:
RNDr. Jaroslav Ráček, Ph.D.