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Online Open Day for those interested in studying at the Faculty of Informatics MU (FI MU)

Online DOD2

The event took place online.


When? December 20, 2021 from 1 p.m.

IQ testing

In cooperation with Mensa ČR, we offer those interested the opportunity to take the IQ test directly at DOD at a discounted price. The implementation of on-site testing will depend on current anti-epidemic measures. Those interested can register on the Mensa ČR website:

Program (subject to change)

  • 13:00 Opening
  • 13:05 Introductory presentation on study possibilities + Q&A - prof. Jiří Barnat, Vice-Dean for FI MU study programs
  • 13:45 How to apply and guide the admission procedure - presentation of the study department + Q&A
  • 13:55 Life at FI MU and activities for high school students - student presentation + Q&A
  • 14:10 Interview with student Michael Koudela - FI MU vs. FIT BUT and why I chose FI + Q&A
  • 14:20 Kahoot! faculty merch quiz
  • 14:30 Block of presentations of selected scientific laboratories and partners of FI MU
    • 14:30 Graphic Design and Multimedia Studio (AGD + M)

      The graphic design and multimedia studio provides education in the field of graphic design and related disciplines. He covers topics such as generative design programming, interactive media application development, animation, video, 3D digital modeling and 3D printing, e-publishing, web design, font creation, game creation and interactive information graphics. In the presentation we will introduce you to this activity, including the results of student work.

    • 14:45 Laboratory of Systems Biology (SYBILA)

      We will present the main goals of the laboratory, what we do in the laboratory, what types of work you can expect from us and how you can get involved in the laboratory. We will also mention the connection of the laboratory to teaching and key subjects that are directly related to the laboratory.

    • 15:00 National Office for Cyber and Information Security

      The National Office for Cyber and Information Security (NÚKIB) is the central administrative body for cyber and information security in the Czech Republic. During the presentation, you will learn what is hidden under this description and how you can join the defense of cyberspace in the Czech Republic. We will present the possibilities of internships and subsequent employment for students and graduates of the Faculty of Informatics, MU.

    • 15:15 Red Hat

      Red Hat has been an industrial partner of the MU Faculty of Informatics for more than 10 years and has been cooperating with students for a long time. In the presentation, you will learn how students can get involved in cooperation with the company during their studies, often from the first year.

  • 15:30 Conclusion

Throughout the transmission, it is possible to ask questions via Our guests will respond to you either live within the Q&A sections or in writing to

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More information about the study

What programs can be studied here ? What are the possibilities of practice ? How to apply ? What are the options for waiving the entrance exams ? What are your application possibilities? ?

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"I enjoyed physics and philosophy the most in high school. But a few weeks before I applied, I realized that industries like artificial intelligence or IT security were really changing the world, and that it would be great to be part of that change. ”

Filip Široký
graduate Bc. program Informatics, branch Mathematical Informatics, winner of AI Awards 2019

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