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Open day for those interested in studying at the Faculty of Informatics MU (FI MU)

The event is currently planned as a contact. Follow the current information on this page.
When? Nov 25, 2021


IQ testing

In cooperation with Mensa ČR, we offer those interested the opportunity to take the IQ test directly at DOD for a discounted price. Those interested can register on the Mensa ČR website:

Other dates of the MU MU Open Days

Offer video presentations, and sending printed materials


"I have not found another university in the Czech Republic or Slovakia, where the Faculty of Informatics would offer me such freedom in setting up my studies from the beginning, the opportunity to specialize and enroll in an incredible number of subjects from other faculties."

Magdalena Kejstová
graduate Bc. program Informatics, field of study Computer Graphics and Image Processing

What does FI MU Open Day look like when the world is in order


E-mail: (preferred contact, for specific questions or for sending brochures by post)
Phone: +420 54949 1818
E-mail: (for those interested in excursions)
Phone: +420 54949 1819
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