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Special Open Day for those interested in studying at the Faculty of Informatics MU (FI MU)

Open Day

The event took place online in three broadcast times. We offer you a compilation of the most interesting in record on the faculty Youtube channel.

When? 6. 11. 2021


The entire program was developed and presented directly by our students, so you can look forward to their immediate experience of studying and living at FI MU. You will see:

  • Basic information about FI MU
  • Everything you were interested in: four blocks of questions and answers
  • Interviews with teachers and other representatives of FI MU
    • Petr Švenda: For whom is the Faculty of Informatics MU
    • Barbora Bühnová: Companies cooperating with the Faculty of Informatics MU
    • Michael Koudela: Informatics at MU vs. BUT and other universities
    • Eva Rudolfová: Language Teaching at the Faculty of Informatics, MU
  • and also a quiz about FI MU and a small bonus at the end!

You can look at the faculty virtually through at any time 3D tours .

Other dates of the MU MU Open Days

More information about the study

What programs can be studied here ? What are the possibilities of practice ? How to apply ? What are the possibilities of admission without entrance exams ? What are your application possibilities? ?

Offer video presentations, and sending printed materials


"I enjoyed physics and philosophy the most in high school. But a few weeks before I applied, I realized that industries like artificial intelligence or IT security were really changing the world, and that it would be great to be part of that change. ”

Filip Široký
graduate Bc. program Informatics, branch Mathematical Informatics, winner of AI Awards 2019

What does FI MU Open Day look like when the world is in order?


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E-mail: (for those interested in excursions)
Phone: +420 54949 1819
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