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Visual Informatics

The Visual Informatics program prepares students to work with visual information and models of spatial scenes. Studies with elective specializations include or touch on areas such as computer graphics, image processing, visualization, computer vision, virtual and augmented reality, image processing, pattern recognition, object modeling, animation, graphic design, and machine learning.

Candidates choose one of the specialisations Image Analysis and Processing, Graphic Design, Computer Graphics and Visualisation or Computer Game Development.

Application for study
Guide to the admission procedure

Czech study programme with lectures in English / English programme
Form Full-time
Duration of study 2 years
Graduate profile

Depending on the chosen field of study, graduates will find employment in various areas, such as the development of graphical applications, simulators, computer games, applications for multimedia processing and analysis, data visualization, virtual and augmented reality, or the creation of high-quality graphic design. The acquired theoretical knowledge and practical skills will allow the graduate to understand the problems to be solved in depth and will enable him/her to effectively use a wide range of modern technologies in practice - from common mobile devices to dedicated systems with high computing power.

Where to go after this study?
Graduate employment survey

FI graduates are valued in practice, with an average gross starting salary of more than 45,000 CZK in the last few years, according to a survey of all degrees. More about graduate employment

Meet successful graduates

Kristína Zakopčanová
Kristýna Zákopčáková


A student prepares data visualization tools for criminologists. They will facilitate investigations

FI MU PhD student Kristína Zákopčanová is helping the police to effectively visualise the knowledge they gather.

Petr Šigut -
David Hrachový


FI MU graduates score points with babysitting start-up

During their studies, Petr Šigut and David Hrachový founded the Hlídač server, which is used by thousands of parents and babysitters.

David Březina
David Březina


Creating fonts is like speaking in different voices

There are not many people in the country who create fonts for newspapers, magazines or other purposes and still make a living. FI MU graduate is one of them.

Study Catalogue

In the study catalogue you will find lists of required and elective courses and a recommended course of study.

Study catalogue


Internship is not a compulsory part of the study programme. However, a practical internship with a commercial company is expected within the computer game development specialization.


Specialisations are curricula that set out the conditions for graduation, such as compulsory courses.

Image Analysis and Processing

The specialization provides a comprehensive overview of image information acquisition and processing, starting with simple image modifications using point transformations or linear filters and ending with sophisticated tools such as mathematical morphology or deformable models. Graduates will find particular application in the development and deployment of image processing systems in a wide variety of fields, e.g. for use in medicine, biology, meteorological and geographical data processing, biometric applications, etc.

Ukázka opravy poškozeného obrazu v reálném čase

Graphic design

The specialisation offers education in graphic design and related disciplines, in collaboration with the Atelier of Graphic Design and Multimedia (AGD+M). The studio focuses mainly on digital media, which are nowadays replacing print media to a greater extent. In terms of mastering quality graphic design, the problem is the same, but digital media open up new possibilities in communicating with the consumer. For these media, a concurrent computer science education of students is essential and is developed in the study of the specialisation. Students work on topics such as game development and interactive information graphics, application development for interactive media, generative design programming, animation, video, 3D digital modelling and 3D printing, e-publishing, web design or font creation.

The Graphic Design curriculum has a limited capacity of 40 students.

Meet the successful graduate
Creating fonts is like speaking in different voices

There aren't many people in the country who create type for newspapers, magazines or other purposes and still make a living at it. FI graduate David Březina is one of them.

David Březina

Computer graphics and visualization

The specialization offers the study of general knowledge of computer science and the latest findings in the dynamically developing field of computer graphics and its development on the basis of interdisciplinary interaction and use in other disciplines. Students will learn the principles of graphical architecture construction, mathematical methods used for solving challenging imaging problems. The discipline provides in-depth knowledge focused on the design and implementation of software applications using advanced computer graphics technologies.

Sledování pohybu buněk

Computer Game Development

The specialization gives students a comprehensive insight into how to create the graphical aspects of contemporary multimedia entertainment software; students will learn about modern modelling, imaging or animation techniques, not only in the context of classical 2D and 3D imaging, but also in the context of virtual or augmented reality.

Studenti mohou vyvíjet aplikace pro různé systémy, např. pro Android
Meet a successful graduate
Vladimír Chvátil creates games for the world

His board book Codenames has sold a million copies in thirty languages and is now one of the bestsellers like Settlers of Catan.

Vladimír Chvátil