The Human Computer Interaction Laboratory (HCI)

Contact: prof. Ing. Jiří Sochor, CSc.


The Human Computer Interaction Laboratory (HCI) has been established to carry out broad research of human-computer interfaces, especially on its recently most popular aspect, virtual reality systems. The research issues of this complex project divide conceptually into three areas: its mathematical and algorithmic part, its system issues, and its application. Algorithmically, team members develop a suite of powerful mathematical routines and data structures for fast visualization, real-time collision detection (with degree of separation and depth of penetration), position and orientation data filtering, interpolation and extrapolation of rotations, and for several auxiliary problems. On the system level, multiple computer processors are tied together with diverse and imperfect peripheral devices, and with a human being into one working system. The principles and the integrated tasks are tested in three core applications: general manipulation methods in VE, molecular force field visualization, and haptic visualization of 2D and 3D objects for visually impaired people.