Doctoral Study Program

DK na FI

Starting study from Autumn term 2018

Submission of applications
25 January 2018 - 25 May 2018

Entrance exam
8 June 2018, room B 517, 10:15 - 14:30 (15 min / 1 applicant)

The admission procedure takes place at least twice a year. Information on corresponding deadlines is published four months in advance. Deadlines for Spring term 2019 will be specified in September 2018.

The Doctoral Study Programme is designated for graduates of master's programmes. Primarily, it concerns the field of informatics, applied informatics, or related programmes. Having taken the state doctoral examination, and successfully defended their doctoral thesis, graduates receive the “doctor” title (Ph.D., to be added behind their name).

Currently, the faculty possesses accreditation for
a four-year PhD study programme Informatics

consisting of two study fields Informatics and Computer Systems and Technologies
both available as a full-time study and combined study mode, either in Czech or English.

The faculty supports students through its technology equipment necessary for their work, facilities they have available, as well as financially. Collaboration established with other institutions (Czech and foreign) and support from grant agencies allow students to take part in expert conferences, summer schools, and complete a part of their studies abroad.

The PhD Study Programme takes 4 years (standard length) up to 8 years (maximal).

I am interested

"The Doctoral Study Programme allowed me to work on my research entirely independently: starting from selecting the topic, proposed experiments, up to publication and presentation of my results. After I compete this programme, I'm planning to verify to what extent my research results may be applied in in the industry sector. "

Petr Bauch
graduate in Computer Systems and Technology