PhD Admission Procedure

Before submitting an application, you need to contact your supervisor and agree with him/her on your research topic/area and the field of study.

From Application to Enrolment

  • Application Submission

Applicants have to apply to the PhD study programme only through the
Electronic Application

Simultaneously, it is necessary to upload the following documents in your e-application or submit them to the Office for Doctoral and International Studies:

The receipt of your electronic application will be confirmed only after you submit the application, pay the handling fee, and deliver all the required documents to the Office for Doctoral and International Studies.
The handling fee is CZK 700 and is to be paid according to the rules indicated in the electronic application.

Applicants must submit all the documents before the application deadline to the Office for Doctoral and International Studies, otherwise FI MU will not accept their application.
Foreign students are recommended to complete their application from February to May to start their studies from the Autumn semesters.

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  • Admission Exam

Admission Exams are held on specified days. Applicants will be invited to sit their Admission Exam by an e-mail.

The admission committee assesses applicants' skills for creative work in computer science as a scientific discipline and their ability to communicate in English. The chairman and the committee members are proposed by the Doctoral Board of FI MU and appointed by the Dean.

The committee evaluates the written documents submitted and decides whether it is necessary to invite a particular applicant to take an oral examination or not. The committee may waive the interview especially if the applicant has achieved excellent results during his/her previous master's study (excellent grade point average, outstanding master's thesis, etc.). If the oral exam is necessary, a 15–30-minute interview is carried out during which applicants must demonstrate their general knowledge of computer science and expertise in areas related to their planned focus of study. They must also demonstrate a good ability to communicate in English. This interview consists of questions asked by committee members. It is also possible, at the discretion of the admission committee, to carry out this interview as a video conference, especially if the applicants are foreigners.

Based upon a comprehensive assessment of the written documents and the interview, the admission committee will propose that a particular applicant is / is not to be accepted to a doctoral programme. If there is no need for the oral interview, the admission committee proposes whether the particular applicant is to be admitted or not.
Information about the admission procedure and the proposal of admission or rejects, is to be provided by the committee to the Doctoral Board FI MU. In its turn, the Board prepares a written opinion on the proposal. The proposal from the admission committee along with the statement of the Doctoral Board are forwarded to the Dean of FI MU, who will make the final decision on the acceptance or rejection of each applicant.

  • Decision and Enrolment

The Dean of the Faculty of Informatics decides on applicants' acceptance to the study programme / rejection, based upon the recommendation of the admission committee and the Doctoral Board of FI MU. Applicants receive a written notification of this decision, including the date of enrolment if the particular applicant is accepted. Being accepted to the doctoral study programme is conditioned on the applicant's successful completion of Master's study programme, according to the Higher Education Act No. 111/1998,

Applicants who — at the time of admission procedure — have not met this requirement yet may be admitted under conditions which are stated by the Dean in his decision on their admission.
To enroll in a PhD study programme, it is necessary to have completed a Master's study programme. Graduates from universities outside the Czech Republic must ask for a recognition of their previous higher education or Verification of education (valid only for studying at FI MU).
Admitted students must submit such a recognition certificate no later than on the day of their enrolment to the study programme.