Funding of doctoral studies

Tuition Fee: 0 CZK

It is our pleasure to announce that since the year 2021/22 the tuition fee for the doctoral programme in English has been abolished, and in relation to this change we can now offer the same funding (in the form of a doctoral stipend) as in the Czech programme also to the programme in English.
Note that doctoral students still need to cover their individual living expenses (e.g. accommodation, food, travel costs, insurance, etc.). We also expect doctoral students in the English programme to take a basic-level course of Czech language during their study.

General Funding Options

  • Basic doctoral scholarship - MU Scholarship regulations, section 6
    This scholarship (stipend) is available for all full-time doctoral students during the standard study period. Currently it is CZK 15000 per month.
  • Raised scholarship for active students - FI Scholarship regulations 13/2023, section 13
    This addition to the basic scholarship is awarded to all first-three semesters full-time students in the amount of 50% (CZK 7000, unless they have a quality publication) and to students during the standard study period who have had at least one high-quality publication during the past two years reported for Faculty of Informatics. The sum of the FI workplace's reported share of all such student publications must be greater than or equal to 1. Currently it is CZK 14000 per month.
    The inspection is carried out once per semester. When choosing a suitable conference or journal, always consult with your supervisor and make sure that the intended publications meet the given criteria.
  • Remuneration for Teaching.
    Students in PhD study programmes can engage in teaching at the FI (typically in the form of teaching seminars). This activity is compensated according to the volume of teaching carried out.
  • Project money.
    Under some research projects investigated at FI, it is possible to provide regular monthly salary to doctoral students. Further information would be available from your supervisor.
  • PhD positions with special funding.
    A limited number of special positions with external funding (such as from the departments, projects or industrial partners) is usually available for each round of admission procedure. More detailed information about currently available special positions is available at Calls for PhD Students .
  • Attractive external scholarships are also provided by the JCMM.
    It is either Brno Ph.D. Talent or scholarship for students from non–EU countries who speak Czech.

In a summary: 15000 basic + 14000 (or 7000) raise for publication + teaching + project workload = roughly 22000 - 29000 CZK net income (which is fully sufficient for normal single living expenses in Brno).