What is fithesis?

Fithesis is a set of LaTeX document classes for the typesetting of theses and dissertations at the faculties of the Masaryk University. The classes allow you to typeset all parts (both compulsory and voluntary) of a thesis in a unified manner as specified in the instructions for the thesis preparation.

The current version: fithesis3

The fithesis3 document class was developed as a part of the bachelor's thesis and the dean's research project of Vít Novotný under the supervision of Petr Sojka. The class provides support for all the faculties of the Masaryk University, the modern XeTeX and LuaTeX typesetting engines, PDF metadata stamping, colorful typesetting, and is extensively documented. Information about the class can be found at the web page of the project. There are also Overleaf templates available online to speed up starting thesis writing and creation of git project for thesis document development.

More information

  • Fithesis, the typesetting of theses in LaTeX – This thematic IS forum was founded to foster discussion about the typesetting of theses at the Masaryk University with fithesis and is actively maintained. You are invited to discuss any topics ranging from the fithesis classes to TeX and LaTeX in general.
  • Thesis The Form of Theses Written in LaTeX – This bachelor's thesis describes the design and implementation of fithesis3. The thesis itself was typeset using fithesis3 and serves as a demonstration of its capabilities. The appendices contain fithesis3 user guides for every faculty of the Masaryk University.

Deprecated versions


The old version of fithesis is the fithesis2 document class, which was created in 2008 as the output of the bachelor's thesis of Stanislav Filipčík. Compared to fithesis1, fithesis2 sets UTF-8 as the default input character encoding, modifies the style of several typographic elements and adds support for the typesetting of the logo of the Faculty of Sports Studies.



The original fithesis1 class was created in 1998 as an output of the bachelor's project of Daniel Marek. It was based on the scrreprt document class from the KOMASkript package, which was modified for the thesis typesetting needs. The class is only listed for completeness. It is not currently developed, no support will be provided and its usage is strongly discouraged.


Using fithesis1 with DocBook

The bachelor's theses The creation of documents via XML (in Czech) and Xslt2 project modernization (in Czech) describe the xslt module, which is available at UNIX machines at the Faculty of Informatics and which serves as a converter between the XML DocBook format and several output formats including fithesis1.