Final State Examinations - general provisions

Master's study is duly completed by a final state examination.

A necessary requirement for the conclusion of the study is successful completion of all enrolled courses or their cancellation according to the Study and Examination Regulations of Masaryk University.

Final State Examination consists of two separately classified parts: A condition of admittance for the final exam is handover of Master thesis. Handover a thesis means to save it in IS MU according to the rules and submitting written version on the study department.

Students who plan to compete the study by the state exam at the end of given semester, enrol a courses SOBHA and SZMGR.

Students apply for final thesis defence and state exam by enrolment of courses SOBHA and SZMGR till deadline for changes in course enrolment set by academic calendar at latest.

Students must pass the state exam together with thesis defence, see record of deans meeting.

Deadline for completion of all study requirements, see the current master dates.

Each part of the final state examination is evaluated separately by grading scale: Each part of the final state examination may be repeated two times at most.

The student is obliged to apply for state exam, or the first part of it, either for the period set aside for state exams in the semester he/she has completed all necessary conditions or in the following semester. The Dean decides upon the procedures in case the student would not meet the obligation. (Article 22, paragraph 6 of the Study and Examination Regulation)
= in this case, the student may interrupt their studies for a maximum of one semester.