Master's Thesis

The thesis is a compulsory part of a master's degree study. Its purpose is to build on the knowledge and proficiency of the course studied. It serves as proof of the knowledge acquired from the study programme and the ability of a student to use this knowledge for solving a given task. The thesis has to link to the courses of the chosen field of study.

Students are required to obtain 20 credits in total for prepartion of thesis. At the thesis enrolment (course code SDIPR) students select a number of credits which they wish to use towards the thesis in each semester. It is therefore possible to spread the work on thesis over several semesters or complete it during one semester only.

Thesis Topic

A list of thesis topics is available in the Information System of MU. Here the student can also log on and is also needed to contact the advisor and arrange with him/her to the exact assignment and work progress.

Should students find none of those topics suitable, it is possible to contact a teacher specialising in a chosen field. This teacher or students themselves are allowed to propose a new or different topic. Laboratories at FI, CVT and ÚVT may serve as useful sources of inspiration when searching for an interesting topic.

In case student wants to cooperate with FI industrial partner he can choose thesis topic from partner's offers. It is also necessary to find a supervising teacher who will guarantee contextual and formal fulfilment of requirements, including the entry of the thesis topic in the Information System of MU.

Course SDIPR

When student is writing his diploma thesis he should enrol the course SDIPR, this course could be enrolled repeatedly. Overall, student has to earn 20 credits for diploma thesis course. During enrolment period student chooses the number of credits that wants in the given semester. Student can divide the work and credits into more semesters or concentrate them in one. It is strongly recommended that the diploma thesis is divided into two semesters at least. The credits for this course is given by the thesis advisor. Students are awarded with a course-unit credit upon completion of the SDIPR course. It should apply that the amount of done work corresponds to the amount of exhausted credits. Exact conditions for granting the credits should be consulted with a particular thesis advisor.

Official Thesis Assignment

Official assignment is an important document according to that the committee evaluates the final diploma thesis. In the term given by the end-of-study calendar for a particular semester, the official assignment must be confirmed by student, his advisor and the guarantor of the study field. It cannot be changed later. The thesis advisor is responsible for assignment and its meaningfulness. Assignments are checked by the study field guarantors who have the right to reject an inappropriate assignment.

The official assignment is filled in by the thesis advisor in the Topic Lists of final thesis in IS MU. The student and his/her thesis advisor must confirm the thesis assignment in IS MU according to the terms of the end-of-study calendar for master studies. Then official assignments are approved by the guarantors of study fields. After confirmation of all persons it can be printed from IS.

SOBHA Course

Students register the course SOBHA in the semester in which they intend to defend their thesis. Upon the registration of this course the Study Office prepares defence proceedings.

Students who enrolled in the current semester course SOBHA are obliged to check whether they are logged on diploma thesis in a package of topics in IS MU, in the application of Schedule of Students (IS MU, authenticated). Check whether the title and text of the official assignment of your thesis is correct. In the case of discrepancies please contact your advisor and ask him/her to modify the text. This check must be carried out during the first four weeks in the semester. The exact date in the current semester will be sent to students by the Study office.

Submission of a Thesis

A thesis must fulfil all formal requirements.

Student can submit his/her thesis only when he has already obtained 20 credits for course SDIPR. Students are required to submit an electronic version of the thesis (text including attachments) into the IS MU Archive by the set deadline. Archive has to be sufficiently completed, student confirms also the Author´s Statement and the Declaration.

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Thesis Defence

The defence of the Master's thesis is a compulsory part of the final state exam and is held in front of a final exam committee. A thesis evaluation report is produced by an advisor and one opponent. Students have the right to read the evaluations of an advisor and an opponent three days before the defence date at the latest.

Instructions and Advices