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Internship abroad

Internship Abroad

Doctoral students are required to complete a minimum of a one-month internship abroad. The internship can be divided into several trips, but the minimum length of stay is 10 days.
The internship takes place mainly at a foreign university or a foreign scientific research institution (even private). It does not include participation in a workshop, summer school or conference. Students choose the foreign institution in cooperation with their supervisor according to the focus of their research topic.
An exception to this requirement is made for students whose doctoral studies began no later than 2019 and who have simultaneously applied for a waiver of their internship in August 2020.

  • Before leaving for the internship:
  • Completion of the Research Stay Agreement form. The consent/signature of the Vice-Dean for Doctoral Studies on the form will be provided by the Office for Doctoral and International Studies, which is hereby notified of the student's planned departure.
  • Establishing a record of the stay in the IS application "Internship and Stays".
    Student -> During studies -> Internships and stays -> Create new internship or a stay -> Stay type: Stay abroad other - .... continue with filling in
  • Apply for financial support via this online form. The amount of support in the form of a scholarship can be calculated according to the table on page 2.
    For more information, please see the Dean's Measures - Scholarship Programmes Article 14 Scholarship Programme for the support of foreign internships for students of FI MU doctoral study programmes. Students can apply for this financial support even if their internship is fully paid for by a foreign institution. If the internship is paid for by the supervisor's project, he/she can apply for support in the amount of 20% of the amount based on the above mentioned table.
    Other options for financial support are trips through study mobility programmes or a work placement abroad.

  • Internship:

At the end of the internship, the student will ask the responsible person at the foreign institution to sign and confirm the 'Research Stay Agreement' form with confirmation of the length and content of the internship.

  • Upon return from the internship:

The student will submit the Research Stay Agreement form (confirmed by the responsible person from the foreign institution) to the Office for Doctoral and International Studies, which registers the student's DZAST course and assigns the appropriate number of credits.
Credits: min. 12 credits (1 month of internship) - max. 36 credits (3 months of internship) for the whole doctoral study. Internships longer than 3 months are of course encouraged, but the student does not receive more credits for them afterwards, he/she only receives credit (minimum 30 days/12 credits total -> 2 credits/5 days, can be divided into smaller stays of at least 10 consecutive days.