Programmes offering study abroad

Studies abroad are offered in lots of different programmes.

Erasmus+ Europe

The most extensive and the most used programme for study abroad. Faculty concludes bilateral agreements with European institutions. Advantage of this programme is high chance to get scholarship for studies abroad.

Erasmus+ ICM - outside Europe

This programme offers 1–2 semestral study partner universities outside Europe. Offers change every year according to selected countries and obtained grants.

Faculty agreements with partner universities

Offer of 1–2 semestral studies at faculty partner universities according to the agreements concluded with each university.


Practical internship can be a part of studies at FI MU and it is possible to pass it abroad.

The EEA and Norway Grants

The programme supports student mobility at institutions in Norway, Liechtenstein, and Iceland. This programme covers all study and living expenses during the stay (accommodation, tuition fees, travel and food expenses).

Government Grants

Every autumn agency AIA offers scholarships to various countries based on governmental bilateral agreements.


The programme offers studies and research work at the universities in Austria.


Programme supports students at German universities and research institutions.

University Bilateral Agreement

Masaryk University concludes bilateral agreements with partner universities all over the world. Agreements usually offer opportunity of student mobility with different way of covering study and living expenses at foreign institutions. List of partner universities and detail information about study support you can get at the Office for International Studies of MU.


Do you want to study at the university, which is not in the offer of any programme? Has any university specialization or study field of your dreams and you want to study there? Never mind, in programme Freemover it is on you, which university you choose. Then apply for scholarship and go.