Practical Traineeships

Register and recognition of internships to study

All students FI have the opportunity during their studies to go on a work placement abroad which may be recognized to the study at FI MU without interruption of study at home university. Students seek some foreign institution (company, laboratory, ...) for their internships themself. Once a student agrees his internship with suitable institution (period, content, supervisor) inform the Office for Doctoral and International Studies FI MU.

FI students receive credits according to the length of the internship - 5 credits per month. Credits are registred to students study through the course SPRAC Placement Abroad (bc. and mgr. students with voluntary intership), set code for internships mandatory for any study programme or DZAST Internship abroad (doctoral students).

The whole procedure of registration and recognition of internship to MU studies follows the Rector's regulation no. 8/2011 and Methodological guideline of CIC MU director no. 1/2014.
The "authorized person" within the meaning of Rector's regulation no. 8/2011 is the FI vice-dean for foreign affairs and external relations. The Office for International Affairs is responsible for administrative part of recognition. In case you need the signature of the authorized person or any other help, just contact ODIS FI MU.
Necessary forms for placements are available at documents in IS (consider the mobility programme through which you travel, either Erasmus+ or other).

Internships through mobility programmes

Programme Erasmus+ offers students scholarhips for practical placement for 2-12 months to the countries connected with this programme. Placement can be realized from the 1st year of study at the university.

Programme "freemovers" is for students who find their internships at foreign institution without support of any mobility programme. Students can work abroad with approval from fakulty, scholarship is awarded by MU Centre for International Cooperation for period from 30 days to 1 semester.

The Canadian government opened a programme for mobility of youth. It is for students and graduates of universities to support practical internships in Canada for max. of 12 months.

Students can also find their practical placements through student organisations like AIESEC or IAESTE.

Other internships offers