Information and guides for new students

Welcome to the Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University. We are happy that you have chosen this faculty for your studies. To make easier for you to get started, you will find here a brief overview and instructions for you.

Communication Culture

As we are at university premises so it is necessary to respect some communication rules in emails and also face-to-face.

E-mail communication
  • always use your university email address
  • write subject of the email which clearly describe the content
  • if any, include the previous conversation
  • start your email with greeting (Dear Sir/Madam, Dear vicedean (academic position), Dear Mr. Novak (surname), etc.)
  • introduce yourself (name, UČO, course, which you are attending)
  • write the message, describe clearly the issue/problem, ask what you need to know
  • finish your email with farewells and your name with UČO
  • reread your email once more and correct mistakes
  • wait a few days for an answer, then kindly remind yourself
Face-to-face communication
  • Meeting in the teacher´s office - follow the basic rules: knock on the door, wait till the teacher invites you to enter, greet, kindly request, thank and say farewell.
  • If you meet any university staff in the entrance hall, in an elevator, it is polite to greet them.
  • You should treat others the way you want them to treat you.
Study Catalogue

In the Study Catalogue you will find the lists of compulsory and optional courses and the recommended plan of study for each study programme.

Study Catalogue

In case you would like to find any elective course according to your interest you can choose it also from other faculties, browse the MU course catalogue.

Course Catalogue

Sport Courses

Academic Calendar

Academic calendar shows you the period of tuition, exams, etc.

Academic Calendar


The gravest violation of rules of text writing (the greatest offence in the academic world in general) is constituted by plagiarism, i.e. a theft or fraudulent adoption of intellectual property of another. Plagiarism by its definition is always perceived as an intentionally committed offence. It is in your own interest to fully familiarize yourselves with the definition of plagiarism and with the binding rules of source acknowledgement (i.e. quoting the sources of adopted passages and ideas) which are governed by Act No. 121/2000 Coll. on Copyright and related rights.

Teachers are obliged to inspect adherence to these rules in all submitted students works (assignments, project reports, theses, etc.). If teachers find a big congruence with other sources, they ask the Dean to initiate disciplinary proceedings with a student who committed plagiarism.

To check your work for plagiarism you can use a tool in the IS MU called „Vejce vejci“ (Find similar documents). You upload your work in your IS Depository and use the tool (it is a symbol of 2 eggs), you will see similar parts of the text highlighted, so you can check if you have marked and cited all used sources properly.

FI building

The faculty building is open on workdays from 6 a.m. till 8 p.m., there is a reception desk 24 hours/7 days in the entrance hall of FI building. You can visit there the library, canteen, study office, labs, PC hall and computer rooms. Check at the websites in advance the opening/office hours of the faculty offices or library they may change according to the situation.

During the covid period, its operation is governed by the university traffic light system which you can find in IS and it is also posted at the main entrance door of the faculty. The obligation to wear face masks in the faculty building applies. You also have to observe the 2 meters distance from each other and increased hygiene measures, especially the use of disinfection.


Guides help to new student to get familiar with some issues or can answer any questions.

MU Guide

MU guide is mainly for exchange students administered by the university international office; however this page can be useful to degree students as well.

MU International Student Guide

Study Regulations

The most important regulation for students is Study and examination rules which fixes the same and fair rights and conditions for all students within the whole university.

MU Study and Examination Rules
MU Statutes

IS training

Information system of Masaryk University (IS) is used for all study administration, students need it throughout the entire study. The sooner you master it, the better for you. After you were enrolled to study, you have received your UCO (university personal number) and Primary password which you use to enter IS:

The most important topics and applications are in the below presentation.

Information System Guide