ITI Online Seminar

The ITI Online Seminar took place from October to December 2020. We thank all participants and speakers for this successful event.

The seminar was a venue for presenting current research in discrete mathematics and theoretical computer science in the Czech Republic. The format (copied with compliments) was a 60 minute talk that was split into a 40 minute and a 20 minute part, with a 15 minute coffee break in between for questions from the audience and discussions with the speaker.


The seminar schedule can be subscriped in your personal calendar using this link:

October 8Zdeněk Dvořák (IÚUK)Approximation algorithms in classes with sublinear separators
October 15Petr Hliněný (MU) (slides)Toroidal grid minors and stretch in embedded graphs
October 22Frederik Garbe (Inst. Math., CAS) (slides)Limits of Latin squares
October 29Roman Nedela (ZČU)Six-cycles and perfect matchings of snarks
November 5Andreas Feldmann (MFF UK)Polynomial time approximation schemes for clustering in low highway dimension graphs
November 12Tomas Juškevičius (Inst. Math., CAS)Littlewood-Offord theory for arbitrary distributions
November 19Deniz Agaoglu (MU)Isomorphism Problem for Sd-graphs
November 26Martin Tancer (MFF UK)Even maps, the Colin de Verdière number and representations of graphs
December 3Hans Raj Tiwary (MFF UK)Extension complexity upper bounds via orienting cycles: Three unified results
December 10Jan Volec (CVUT)Cycles of a given length in tournaments
December 17Ander Lamaison (MU)Ramsey upper density of infinite graphs

Please contact the organisers if you have any feedback or suggestions for future events.

The title of the seminar

The seminar is an initiative of people from various institutions formerly cooperating within the Institute for Theoretical Computer Science (ITI, 2000-2018):

The title is intended to make the seminar a symbolic continuation of the ITI.


The seminar was organised by Tomáš Kaiser (University of West Bohemia) and Samuel Mohr (Masaryk University). Please send us an email if you have any questions or suggestions.