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Bachelor's Degree 2024/2025

Bachelor's degree programmes are intended for applicants with a secondary education completed with a matriculation diploma. Applicants are required to take the Test of Study Preferences (hereinafter referred to as "TSP") at MU or, in the case of single-subject studies , to apply for a waiver of the entrance examination. The TSP examines the applicant's ability to study successfully. It consists of three separate tests: (1) a numerical-analytical reasoning test, (2) an English reasoning test, and (3) a critical thinking test. The test is common to the Computer Science, Programming and Application Development, and Computer Science in Education programs as well as Cybersecurity. A score in the top 25% of the MU-wide numerical-analytical reasoning test is required for admission. The cumulative score of all three subtests with equal weighting will determine the rank of the applicants.

Programmes in Informatics and Informatics in Education - Associate Degree Plans Applicants for the Associate Degree Plan (major/minor) must successfully pass the entrance examination and meet the requirements of the Associate Degree Programme in order to be admitted to the Informatics and Informatics in Education programmes. The waiver of the entrance exam is not available for associate degree programmes except for combinations with the Faculty of Science. The conditions for the waiver of the entrance exam are published on the Faculty of Science website.

For applicants with a documented severe physical disability, the appeal procedure may take into account the suitability of admission with regard to the applicant's future employment.

Estimated numbers of students admitted

  1. Computer Science - 350
  2. Computer Science major - 20
  3. Computer Science minor - 20
  4. Programming and Application Development - 150
  5. Cybersecurity - 80
  6. Computer Science in Education - 20 - only available in the minor option, applications should be submitted to the Faculty of Science at MU (in combination with Biology, Physics, Geography and Cartography or Mathematics - all with a focus on education).

Application deadlines: 1 November 2023 - 29 February 2024

Approved by the Academic Senate of the Faculty of Informatics of MU on 30 June 2023.

The test of academic aptitude

Dates for TSP: December 2023 - April 2024

If an applicant applies to more than one MU course (or faculty), he/she will take the test only once in a given year; the results will be counted towards all applications for which the TSP is relevant.

Information about the Test of Study Ability. Entering the e-application, submitting the e-application