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Bachelor study 2019/2020

Bachelor degree programs are intended for applicants with secondary education completed by the school-leaving examination. Candidates are required to complete Study Prerequisites Test (hereinafter referred to as “TSP”) at MU, or request a waiver of the entrance examination.

TSP examines the candidate's ability to study successfully. It is about testing verbal, numerical, analytical and critical thinking, spatial imagination and cultural insight.

The test is common to programs in Informatics and Application Development and Education in Education.

The Informatics in Education program is offered only in the minor variant. The Faculty of Natural Sciences is the Faculty of Natural Sciences and the candidates must comply with the admission conditions laid down by the Faculty for admission to this degree program.

The following provisions do not apply to candidates who have previously been enrolled in bachelor studies at FI MU. Below are the criteria on the basis of which candidates may be exempted from taking the entrance examination.

Waiving the entrance exam

  • the result of the National Comparative Examination in General Study Prerequisites (General Study Prerequisites in Czech, General Study Prerequisites in Slovak) held no later than the term of the TSP including among the 20% best
  • the result of the National Comparative Examination in Mathematics held by the deadline of the TSP at the latest, including among the 40% of the best,
  • result of SAT I math exam at least 580 points
  • result in AP (Advanced Placement) exam from STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) at level 4 or 5
  • the result in the standardized adult IQ test conducted by Mensa ČR or Mensa SR corresponds to at least IQ 130,
  • successful passing of the maturita examination in MATEMATICS + in the Czech Republic,
  • successful solver of at least the district round of high school professional competition in the Czech Republic included in the High School Excellency program from the following list: Mathematical Olympics (categories A, B, P), Physical Olympics (categories A, B), Chemical Olympics (categories A, B), Olympics (Category A, B), Biological Olympiad (Category A, B), Mathematical Kangaroo (Student category), Logic Olympiad (Category C), Programming Contest (SS - Programming Languages Youth, SS - Web Programming)
    or successful solver of at least the regional round of secondary school competition in Slovakia from the following list: Mathematical Olympiad (Category A), Olympics in Informatics (Category A), Physical Olympiad (Category A, B), Chemical Olympics (Category A), Biological Olympiad (Category A), ZENIT in programming (category A, Web Developer, Graphic Designer)
  • successful solver of the regional round of secondary school professional activity in the fields of mathematics and statistics; physics; chemistry; electrical engineering, electronics telecommunications; informatics.
  • successful solver correspondence seminar organized by FI MU.

Only the results achieved in 2017 (except IQ - unlimited) and later can be taken into account in all criteria.

An applicant fulfilling any of the above criteria who is interested in the exemption of the entrance examination must apply in writing for this waiver and written request delivered to the Study Department of FI. If the request is granted, it will be notified in writing of this decision. The required documents for the application of the individual criteria will be specified on the FI website. An applicant for a waiver will send a written request to the Study Department to receive it by February 28, 2019, even if the applicant submits the required documents for the application of a criterion after this deadline, but not later than the TSP inclusive.

For candidates with serious physical disabilities, the suitability of admission to take into account the applicant's future prospects may be taken into account in appeal proceedings.

Estimated numbers of admitted students

  1. Informatics - 300
  2. Programming and Application Development - 300
  3. Education in Education - 20 - only in minor version, applications to the Faculty of Science (in combination with Biology, Physics, Geography and Cartography or Mathematics - all with a focus on education).

Application deadlines: 1 November 2018 - 28 February 2019

Approved by the Academic Senate of the Faculty of Informatics MU on 29 June 2018.

Study Prerequisites Test

Uniform term for TSP in Brno: 27 April and 28 April 2019 (Saturday - Sunday).

The terms of TSP in other cities will be published and the candidate will be able to choose the date and venue in their e-application within the capacity options.

If the applicant reports to more than one field (or faculty) of the MU, he / she will pass the test only once in the given year; the results will be counted against all applications for which TSP is relevant.

Study Prerequisites Information

Enter the e-application, submission of an e-application

University-wide contact address and telephone for admission issues: , 54949 1130.