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Software engineering

Software systems are increasingly based on the background of most human activities, which also increases the emphasis on the quality of their design, development, testing, deployment and operation. Software engineering combines skills, techniques and tools for the systematic support of these activities with an emphasis on the guaranteed quality of the resulting software system. The aim of the study program is to increase students' competencies in software engineering, including an understanding of the deeper contexts needed to work on large software projects, where individual software development decisions have a critical impact on the quality and viability of the resulting system and services it provides. An integral part of student training is a significant component of practical training, both in software development and functioning within software teams, including team leadership. These competencies are necessary to meet the entry conditions of the intended job positions. Students will acquire practical skills mainly during internships in companies, but also by leading software projects of younger classmates from the bachelor's degree.

The candidate chooses one of the specializations Deployment and operation of software systems or Design and development of software systems.

Application for study
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Czech study program
Form full-time
Profile professional
Title Ing.
Study time 2 years
Graduate profile

Graduates of the program are prepared for professional positions in senior software developers (focusing on the design and development of software systems) and systems deployment engineers, called DevOps engineers (focusing on the deployment and operation of software systems), including leadership roles in such professional teams .

Where after this study?

After completing the study program, a transfer to practice is expected. However, in the case of successfully passing the entrance exams, it is possible to continue with a doctoral study.

Graduate employment survey

FI graduates are valued in practice, their average gross starting salary has been more than CZK 45,000 in the last few years, according to a survey of all levels of study. More about the employment of graduates

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This engineering program is new at FI MU and therefore does not have graduates yet.

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Study catalog

In the study catalog you will find lists of compulsory and optional subjects and a recommended course of study.

Study catalog


This program is designed as a professional and practice is required by law.

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Specializations are study plans that set out the conditions for graduation, such as compulsory subjects.

Deployment and operation of software systems

Within this specialization, emphasis is placed on the design of quality infrastructure for the operation of the software system and the ability to link software development to its deployment (including the design of secure infrastructure, computer networks, cloud computing, UNIX administration).

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Design and development of software systems

Within this specialization, emphasis is placed on the design of quality software architecture and skills in the field of programming and software development as such (including user interface design, principles of secure programming, data analytics).

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