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Computer Science Teaching for Secondary Schools

The programme leads to the acquisition of a teaching qualification in Informatics, either in combination with a second secondary school qualification or with a vocational qualification in Informatics, specifically with a focus on the management of information systems in a small or medium-sized company or school.

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Czech study programme
Form Full-time
Duration of study 2 years
Graduate Profile

Graduates of the program will find employment as a secondary school teacher with an endorsement in Computer Science and a second science discipline, or may take up a position as a network administrator in a secondary school with the pedagogical competence to teach Computer Science.

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FI graduates are valued in practice, with an average gross starting salary of more than 45,000 CZK in the last few years, according to a survey of all levels of study. More about graduate employment

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Study catalogue

In the study catalogue you will find lists of required and elective courses and a recommended course of study.

Study catalogue


The degree includes required teaching internships in secondary schools.

Study options

Computer Science Teacher and Network Administrator

This single-subject course of study prepares students for professional employment as a network administrator in a secondary school alongside the necessary pedagogical preparation required for the secondary school endorsement in Computer Science.

A switch that connects different network devices on a computer network

Computer Science Teaching for Secondary Schools

This study option leads to the acquisition of two secondary school endorsements in cooperation with the Faculty of Science of MU, where the student will be enrolled to study the chosen second field of study.

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