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Framework content and form of admission test

The admission exam examines the candidate's ability to successfully study a follow-up Master's program at the Faculty of Informatics. It consists of questions of basic knowledge in computer science and in mathematics, and it takes the form of choosing one of the five options offered, and one is right. The correct answer is attributed to one point, the incorrect answer is deducted by 0.25 points; for multiple selected answers or no answer counts zero points.
Thematic areas for the admission exam:

  • Algorithmization and data structures (algorithm complexity, shift algorithms, basic abstract data structures and their implementation).
  • Programming (writing and interpreting a program in a common imperative programming language or pseudocode, principles of object-oriented programming, basic properties of imperative and object oriented programming languages) and the basics of software engineering.
  • Database (relational data model, normal form, SQL, application).
  • Computer Networks (unconnected networks, ISO OSI and TCP / IP models, features, addressing and single layer protocols, switching and routing in an IP network, applications).
  • Principles of computer systems (numerical systems in computer practice, processors, memory, operating system, peripheral devices).
  • Graphs and graph algorithms (chart types and data structures, spacing in charts, chart relationships, trees, chart charts, chart sketch).
  • Sets, relations, functions (Cartesian product, potency set, arrangement, equivalence, bijection) and logic (propositional and predicate logic, syntax and semantics, feasibility, equivalence of formulas).
  • Mathematical analysis (function analysis, limit, derivation, integral).
  • Linear algebra (operations with matrices, linear representation, solutions of linear equations systems).
  • Probability and descriptive statistics (elementary combinatorics, conditional probability, distribution of random variables, mean value, median, scattering, correlation).

Assessment of admission exam

Only the responsible form is used to evaluate the entrance exam, which is computer-readable and processed anonymously electronically. The answer form is identified by the assigned identification number (application number) which will be sent to the applicant electronically and in the written invitation to the entrance examination. The determining criterion for success in admission tests is the so-called percentile calculated on the basis of the number of correct answers in the admission tests and the admission test variants that the candidate wrote. The percentile expresses how many percent of the bidders submitted lower or equal performance.