Recognition of Foreign Education at the Faculty of Informatics

If you want to enroll in a degree program at any university in the Czech Republic, and your prior education was acquired in another country, it is necessary for you to have your prior degree/education formally recognized by Czech authorities. Recognition for purposes of study at our faculty must be done by so-called verification or nostrification.


Based on the new Directive No. 2/2019, the faculty verifies whether the submitted foreign educational documents entitle the applicant to enroll into degree programme he/she was admitted to. Therefore, the verification is valid only for the specific programme you were admitted to within the specific admission term.

What documents do you need for verification?

Verification of secondary education:
  • certificate of foreign secondary education with a school-leaving examination verified according to the rules here
  • confirmation from foreign secondary school entitles its holder in that foreign country to study in a Bachelor’s degree programme
  • certified copy of the accreditation of the foreign secondary school
Verification of bachelor/master degree:
  • Bachelor/Master diploma verified according to the rules here
  • Diploma Supplement/Transcript of Records

Send scan copy of these documents as soon as you have them to email:

All submitted documents must be officially translated into Czech or English (including all stamps, notary clauses, interpreter clauses, certifications of authenticity of signatures, etc.).

It is necessary to hand over the officially certified copies of your bachelor/master diploma and Diploma Supplement/ Transcript of Records on the day of your enrollment at latest. Without verified education you will not be enrolled into studies!

The officially certified copies can be done in the Czech Republic, so please bring also originals!

In case you will have any further questions, contact us at email:


If the applicant wishes to utilize any education he/she has attained in the country of origin, it is necessary to have that education recognized by the Czech educational system. One of the option of the recognition is nostrification. As a result, the applicant will obtain an official certificate, which enables him/her to enroll at any Czech university or which he/she might use for the purpose of employment.

If the applicant wishes to enroll in a master or doctoral degree programs, he/she should browse this page and read the detailed information: Recognition of Foreign Higher Education and Qualifications. The nostrification procedure costs 3000 CZK and, contrary to verification, it is valid without any limitation. It is managed by the Rector’s Office of Masaryk University.