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Do you sense an opportunity in the rapidly growing job market for cybersecurity professionals?

Do you enjoy getting under the skin of computer systems, learning as much as you can about their nature, characteristics and behaviour? Do you want to know the motivations of cyber attackers and navigate the legal IT environment?

Do you want to study at a prestigious school that has its own Cyber Polygon and collaborates with top companies and leading institutions locally, nationally and internationally? Then the professional bachelor's programme in Cybersecurity is the right choice.

Unique in the Czech environment, the multidisciplinary three-year professional bachelor's degree includes a supervised internship and prepares students for immediate entry into practice, while those interested can continue on to a follow-up master's degree.

Application for studies
Guide to the admission procedure

Czech study programme
Form Full-time
Duration of study 3 years
Graduate profile

Graduates can work well as system and network administrators, security operations center (SOC) operators, CSIRT team members, junior or middle management of cybersecurity, software engineers of secure IT applications and systems, as well as training staff or assistant cybersecurity managers.

Where to go after this study?
Graduate employment survey

FI graduates are valued in practice, with an average gross starting salary of more than 50,000 CZK in the last few years, according to a survey of all degrees. More on graduate employability

Meet successful graduates

Ondřej Nevělík

Ondřej is working on data security in mobile phones. His storyis typical, he took computer science as a bet on the security of a good future job. And that's exactly what he got. He graduated with a bachelor's degree before the introduction of the Cyber Security programme, then headed to London where he landed a job at a small company. Today, he works with more than 100 colleagues in Brno, where the company has established an office thanks to him.

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Study Catalogue

In the student catalogue you will find lists of required and elective courses and a recommended course of study.

Study catalogue


During your studies, you will have a professional supervised internship in companies and organisations, where you will get to know the real aspects of operating safe systems in direct contact with practice and learn to work in multidisciplinary teams.

Background of the Faculty of Informatics and Masaryk University with important strategic partners at national and international level (National Office for Cyber and Information Security) and in the region, companies in the CERIT Science Park of the Faculty of Informatics, industrial partners of the Faculty and other entities.

More about the internship subject

Involvement in research and development

Students have the opportunity to engage in scientific research or development work within the FI research laboratories. At the undergraduate level of study, collaboration typically takes the form of laboratory projects or laboratory-led theses. Typical topics of such focused bachelor theses include evaluation of new procedures, implementation of prototypes, or participation in the development of larger software products.

Science, research and development