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Rigorous proceedings

Graduates of master's degree programmes who have obtained the academic degree "Master" may take the state rigorosum examination in the same field of study, which includes the defence of the rigorosum thesis. After passing this examination, the academic degree of Doctor of Natural Sciences is awarded in the field of natural sciences - abbreviated RNDr. in front of the name.

  • At FI MU you can apply for the rigorosum procedure in the specialisations corresponding to
    Master's degree programmes:
    Theoretical Computer Science
    Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing
    Visual Informatics
    Computer systems, communication and security
    Software Systems and Services Management
    Computer Science Teaching for Secondary Schools

  • The current deadline to apply for the rigorous rigorous procedure is November 15, 2021.
    The deadline is announced once a year - always around mid-November.

  • The application for the state rigorosum examination , including all attachments, must be submitted to the Department of Research, Development and Doctoral Studies by the above-mentioned deadline. For details, see the MU Regulations, Article 37(4).
    Note for students of doctoral studies at FI MU:
    If the candidate meets the conditions for submitting the application for the state doctoral examination and if he/she submits the application for the state rigorosum examination with all the requisites (among others, the following are required). 38(4)), he/she takes those parts of the state doctoral examination and the state rigorous examination that are common or equivalent only once.

  • Rigorous thesis
    (1) The thesis must contain original results or an original elaboration of a comprehensive part of the problems of the given field of study at a level that corresponds to the publication standard of the field.
    (2) The thesis may take the form of a collection of the candidate's published works or works accepted for publication, accompanied by a comprehensive introduction to the subject and a commentary.
    For details, see MU CFR, Article 38.
    Note for students of doctoral studies at FI MU:
    If the candidate submits a request for recognition of the thesis
    as a rigorous thesis according to the MU CFR, Article 38, paragraph 4, at the same time as submitting the thesis, and if this request is granted, the thesis must be defended as a rigorous thesis. Given that the defence of the thesis is a part of the state rigorosum examination according to the law, MU Regulations, Art.32(1)), it is possible to consider passing the state doctoral examination at the same time as passing the state rigorosum examination, but only on the basis of an individual application of the candidate submitted at the same time as the application according to the MU CFR, Art.

  • The requirements for the oral part of the rigorosum examination at FI MU are based on the final examinations for master's studies, see also the Study Catalogue, but the committee requires more in-depth knowledge.

  • Note: Rigorous procedure means the start of the administrative process leading to the rigorous examination. The candidate does not have a thesis supervisor provided by FI MU.
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