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Promotion repository - fi-graphics

The Anxur server provides storage space for graphic materials for FI promotion. Access to this is available to the Promotion Department (please also contact themfor access requests if necessary) and to the heads of departments at FI.

For direct access (e.g. via SSH), use the path /export/fi-graphics on Anxur.

Remote access options

Linux/Windows - using Samba

By connecting to the shared folder \\\fi-graphics. Available only from FI staff and student machines (does not include Wi-Fi) or from the faculty VPN. Authentication using faculty login and password, and you must provide the domain, i.e. NTFI\login.

In Windows, you need to connect/map your network drive (e.g., right click on This PC/This PC in Explorer/Windows Explorer and select Map network drive/Connect network drive) \\\fi-graphics as the user NTFI\login (+ faculty password).

On Linux, in the Nautilus file browser, connect using:

  • Other Locations → Connect to Server: smb://home/fi-graphics
  • Connect As: Registered User
    • Username: faculty login
    • Domain: NTFI
    • Password: faculty password

Windows - using WinSCP

Download the pre-configured client You need to authenticate with your faculty login and password.

WinSCP is accessible from anywhere even without a VPN, unfortunately it does not support image and video previews.

macOS - using sshfs

Connect to the shared folder /export/fi-graphics using sshfs. Commands must be entered into the terminal (Terminal app):

  • create a directory fi-graphics (this step does not need to be repeated for subsequent connections)
    • mkdir -p ~/fi-graphics
  • connect the folder in the terminal using the command
    • sshfs ~/fi-graphics -o defer_permissions -o volname=fi-graphics
  • fi-graphics connects to your home directory, files can be manipulated using, for example, the Finder
  • For each file/directory you newly create, set the default permissions as follows:

    • The first line tells you what rights you have to the file - set to Read and Write.
    • The second line tells what rights other people with access to the file have - set to Read and Write.
    • The third line shows the rights for everyone else - set to Read Only.
  • When you have finished working with fi-graphics, go to the terminal again and disconnect the folder: umount ~/fi-graphics