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Repository store - fi-graphics

On the server Anxur there is storage space for graphic materials to promote FI. The promotion department has access to it ( on him also, if necessary, contact for access) and the head of departments at FI.

For direct access (for example via SSH) use the Anxur path /export/fi-graphics .

Remote access options

Windows - using WinSCP

Download the preconfigured client . It is necessary to authenticate with the faculty login and password.

Linux / Windows - using Samba

By attaching a shared folder smb:// . Available only from FI staff machines or from VPN . Authentication using the faculty login and password, while it is necessary to specify the domain, ie NTFI\login .

In Linux, in the Nautilus file browser, we connect using:

  • Other Locations → Connect to Server: smb://home/fi-graphics
  • Connect As: Registered User
    • Username: faculty login
    • Domain: NTFI
    • Password: faculty password

macOS - using sshfs

Mount folder share /export/fi-graphics help sshfs . Commands must be entered into the terminal (Terminal application):

  • we will create a directory fi-graphics (this step does not need to be repeated for other connections)
    • mkdir -p ~/fi-graphics
  • you mount the folder in the terminal using the command
    • sshfs ~/fi-graphics -o defer_permissions -o volname=fi-graphics
  • fi-graphics connects to your home directory, you can work with files, for example, using the Finder
  • for each file / directory you create, set default rights as follows:

    • The first line says what file rights you have - set to: Read and write.
    • The second line says what other people have access to the file - set to: Read and write.
    • The third line shows the rights for everyone else - set to: Read Only.
  • after finishing work with fi-graphics go to the terminal again and disconnect the folder: umount ~/fi-graphics