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Repository store - fi-graphics

On the server Anxur there is storage space for graphic materials to promote FI. The promotion department and the head of the FI department have access to it.

For direct access (for example via SSH) use the Anxur path /export/fi-graphics .

Remote access options

Windows - using WinSCP

Download the preconfigured client . It is necessary to authenticate with the faculty login and password.

Linux / Windows - using Samba

By attaching a shared folder smb:// . Available only from FI staff machines or from VPN . Authentication using the faculty login and password, while it is necessary to specify the domain, ie NTFI\login .

In Linux, in the Nautilus file browser, we connect using:

  • Other Locations → Connect to Server: smb://home/fi-graphics
  • Connect As: Registered User
    • Username: login
    • Domain: NTFI
    • Password: fakultní heslo

macOS - using sshfs

Mount folder share /export/fi-graphics help sshfs . Commands must be entered into the terminal (Terminal application):

  • we will create a directory fi-graphics (this step does not need to be repeated for other connections)
    • mkdir -p ~/fi-graphics
  • you mount the folder in the terminal using the command
    • sshfs ~/fi-graphics -o defer_permissions -o volname=fi-graphics
  • fi-graphics connects to your home directory, you can work with files, for example, using the Finder
  • for each file / directory you create, set default rights as follows:

    • The first line says what file rights you have - set to: Read and write.
    • The second line says what other people have access to the file - set to: Read and write.
    • The third line shows the rights for everyone else - set to: Read Only.
  • after finishing work with fi-graphics go to the terminal again and disconnect the folder: umount ~/fi-graphics