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.NET Core and FI


Can be started with the command:


It is also possible to use the Rider .NET IDE (activate the license using the license server):

module add rider


We will start a new bash shell in which the command will be available dotnet :

scl enable rh-dotnet60 bash

You must clear the shell virtual memory limit to run applications:

ulimit -v unlimited

If we don't, we will create a new application in a new directory hello-world :

dotnet new console -o hello-world

We can run it as follows:

cd hello-world
dotnet run

See the documentation for more information .NET 6.0 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 .

Virtual machine

Install the pre-installed CentOS 7 according to the instructions I want a pre-installed virtual machine .

Install .NET according to the documentation CentOS 7 Package Manager - Install .NET Core .