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  1. Entry into a computer hall, computer classrooms, laboratories (and those belonging to them) is only allowed with an identification card. Everyone is required to have an identity card with him so that he can submit it at any time without delay. Any person who does not have the ID for any reason may not enter the above spaces. The ID card is the MU ISIC student card, the MU ITIC teacher's ID or the MU employee ID card.
  2. Uppers (coats, jackets, etc.), students put off either on the designated hangers or leave them on the chair on which they sit. Depositing supers at other places is not allowed in computer classrooms.
  3. A student who carries out an activity which, although only in part, is unrelated to teaching and research at the FI, is obliged to release his / her place at the computer immediately to another student who requests it. Having a good form of request is double-tapping on the shoulder and pointing to the screen. This of course only applies if all computers of the same type are occupied in the room.
  4. Computer lock (xlock, etc.) is allowed for up to 10 minutes.
  5. You can reset (reboot) your computer only with CVT's permission. Send an email to a service address from another computer.
  6. In the event of a problem, the user has the right to contact the (via e-mail) to service addresses and . However, it is first required to read the available information sources, especially the brochure Getting started with and Technical details referenced from the main FI site. The query or problem specification must be sufficiently detailed and must include all relevant error messages.
  7. Disobeying the computer release command, long-term locking of the computer, etc. can be reported by e-mail to and , respectively. phone number 4348, 4346, 4644.

Please note that these instructions apply Operating rules of FI systems . Failure to comply with the FI Rules and these instructions will be penalized by an immediate blocking of all accounts on FI machines for a period of one to four weeks. Repeated misdemeanors will introduce disciplinary proceedings with possible exclusion from study at FI.

In Brno on January 1, 2015 Ing. Michal Brandejs, CSc. Head of CVT FI