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  1. Entry to the computer hall, computer rooms, laboratories (and associated foyers) is only permitted with an identification card. Everyone must carry their identification card with them so that they can produce it at any time without delay if requested. A person who does not have an identification card for any reason may not enter the above-mentioned areas. An identification card is an MU ISIC student card, an MU ITIC teacher card or an MU employee identification card.
  2. Students should either place their overcoats (coats, jackets, etc.) on the hangers provided or leave them on the chair they are sitting on. Placing overcoats in other places is not allowed in the computer labs.
  3. A student who performs an activity that is not related, even partially, to teaching and research at FI is obliged to immediately give up his/her place at the computer to another student who asks him/her to do so. A tap on the shoulder and pointing to the screen is a sufficient form of request. Of course, this applies only if all computers of the same type in the room are occupied.
  4. A computer lock (xlock, etc.) is allowed for a maximum of 10 minutes.
  5. You can only reset (reboot) the computer after approval from a CVT staff member. Send an email to the service address from another computer.
  6. In case of problems, the user has the right to contact the service addresses unix@fi.muni.czand with questions (send by e-mail). However, he/she must first study the available information sources, especially the booklet Getting started with and the Technical Information linked from the main FI website. He/she must formulate the question or problem specification in sufficient detail and must attach any relevant error messages.
  7. Failure to obey an instruction to release the computer, prolonged locking of the computer, etc., may be reported by e-mail to unix@fi.muni.czand, or by telephone to 4348, 4346, 4644.

Please note that the FI Computer Systems Operating Rules apply in addition to these guidelines. Violations of the FI Computer Systems Operating Rules and these guidelines will be punished by immediate lockout of all accounts on FI computers for a period of one to four weeks. Repeated offenses will result in disciplinary action with possible expulsion from FI.

In Brno, 1 January 2015 Ing. Michal Brandejs, CSc. head of CVT FI