PC Study Rooms

All FI MU students you can access study rooms where PCs are available for you to work on.

FI PC Study Rooms

The major computer facility FI allows access to is the Computer Room on the 2nd floor of Building A. There, you find several operating systems running (Linux, macOS, Windows), and program software more interesting than that available in other university computer rooms.
In addition to the Computer Room, you can sign in on user computers in any classroom as long as instruction is not taking place there.
Make sure to read the Operating Guidelines.

MU PC Rooms

IT MUNI maintains a list of information on all 10 university computer rooms. This allows you to verify online whether the applications you need are available on a particular PC. Look into other options, too, for instance there is an option for remote access to PCs in study rooms.
Noteworthy is MU Contact and Monitoring Centre (the university computer room) located in the center of Brno and operates 24/7. https://it.muni.cz/prehledy/pc-studovny