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Computer study rooms

As FI MU students, you have access to study rooms where PCs are available for your work.

FI computer study rooms

FI provides access to its machines, especially in the computer hall (2nd floor of Building A), where you can find more operating systems (Linux, macOS, Windows) and more interesting software than in the university-wide study rooms. Apart from the hall, you can log on to user machines in any classroom, as long as this does not restrict your learning. Be sure to read the operating guidelines.

MU Computer Labs

MUNI IT maintains a list and information on all university computer labs. For example, you can check online whether the PCs have the necessary applications. Explore other options, such as remote connections to PCs in the study rooms. A special mention should be made of the CPS - the University-wide Computer Study Room, which is located in the city centre and is open 24 hours a day.