Studying FI Courses within the Lifelong Learning Programme

Study Programme: C9999 C-CV Lifelong Learning
Study Field: MiVT Information Technology
Study Mode: Full-time

Given the fact that tuition is offered both in the morning and afternoon, and that tuition is supported electronically in the form of e-learning, the study is suitable even for students who work full-time.

This type of study is only available for applicants who have completed their secondary education. Applicants may enrol for courses of their choice and study them together with FI students. A fee of 700 CZK is charged for every credit of the elected course. The fee for a completed course is dependant on the course completion requirements:
examination = 2 credits, colloquium = 1 credit, credit = 0 credit.

Informace o předmětech najdete na stránkách:
Study Catalogue
Information about courses

Participants in lifelong learning are not regarded as students as per the Act. No. 111/1998.

The participants cannot get a degree within the Lifelong Learning programme. This is only possible when changing to a full-time study mode. Provided the participants have successfully passed the entrance exam, up to 60 % of credits earned within LLL can be transferred.

Application Submission Deadline for Studies from the Autumn Semester 2017

Admissions for Lifelong Learning Programme at FI MU, field MiVT Information Technology is held twice a year.
Applicants with the interest in lifelong learning in the Autumn semester 2017 have to submit an electronic application from 14. 8. to 27. 9. 2017.
Admission procedure for the field MiVT is free of charge. The entrance exam is not held.

The term of tuition

Tuition in the Autumn semester 2017 will be held from 18. 9. to 15. 12. 2017.
Timetable of individual courses is released 31. 8. 2017.

Information about the course registration, their ordering and purchasing you can find at the webpage: How to register and purchase courses.