Participants register selected courses, order and pay them in MU Information System (IS MU) - MU Shopping Centre.

The participants proceed as follows:

  • Submit electronic application to the Lifelong Learning Programme (individual courses) at
    Include your email address in the application form. Lifelong Learning Office will send you information on admission procedure, courses registration, ordering and purchase in MU Shopping Centre.
    To log in the IS MU you need to have personal identification number (UČO) and primary password. If you do not know identification number and primary password, please contact Lifelong Learning Office.
    Password is necessary to take over personally and prove your identity.

  • Register selected courses
    Participants log in to the Personal Administration of IS MU ( with UČO and password and register chosen courses in section
    Student - Start of term - Courses Registration and Enrolment - Add courses by entering their codes.

  • Order and pay registered "smooth" courses in MU Shopping Centre:
    Personal administration of IS MU - Student - Start of term - Lifelong Learning courses.

    This application will provide and overview of registered courses, the total number of credits, the total amount of CZK according to the selected courses and their completion and payment details.
Participants will be enrolled in Lifelong Learning Programme after paying the fee.