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Subjects the applicant registers, orders and purchases in the Information System through the application of the MU Shopping Center.

  • The applicant submits an electronic application to the Lifelong Learning Program, the MiVT Computing Department at

    In the application form, please provide your e-mail address, to which the Department of Lifelong Learning (OCV) sends information on lifelong learning at MU Faculty of Informatics (on admission procedure, life terms, registration of courses, ordering and purchase through the MU Shopping Center).
    The OCV will introduce the applicant to the study record (status in the admission procedure, not yet decided).

    If you do not have a UČO - the university number of a person (you have not been a candidate, student or MU employee) you will be issued by the Lifelong Learning Department of the UC and the password for access to the Information System (IS). The password is necessary to take personal and prove his identity on the spot.

  • Registering the subjects - log in to the IS MU (at under the link Personal Administration of the Information System MU enters its UČO and password) and registers the subjects using the application:
    Personal administration - Student - Registration and enrollment of subjects

  • Order and purchase registered seamless items at the MU Shopping Center:
    Personal administration - Student - Purchase of lifelong learning courses. More detailed instructions here.
    This application will provide candidates with a list of registered courses, total number of credits, total amount (determined on the basis of registered problem-free items and their termination) and data for payment.

  • Upon payment of the full amount, the applicant is enrolled in the Lifelong Learning Program, the Computer Science Department.

  • Information on subjects will be obtained by applicants in:
    Study catalog
    electronic study catalog or

Warning: Order the Courses in the Buy Lifelong Learning course only if your selection of items is final and you will not have to change the selection / registration of items.

Before registering / booking items with a limitation of enrollment (eg capacity cap), please contact the Lifelong Learning Unit or tel: 549 491 815