Courses of doctoral study


PhD study since 2020. (these courses are to some extent valid for students transferred to newly accredited specializations from spring 2020)
PhD study since 2014 - alteration 2018.

Informatics Colloquium

In general:

Total amount of credits for 8-semester's doctoral degree is 240 credits.
Students who have started their doctoral studies since the spring term 2020 are obliged to have at least one month of internships abroad.
Courses are divided into required and optional. Some courses can be enrolled repeatedly. Enrolment in semester.

PhD students are involved in the activities of the faculty departments, in particular participation in scientific and educational tasks and activities as agreed with the supervisor and head of the department. Key part is also student's activities in research laboratories.

Supervision on examinations and tests is recorded (required minimum of 10 hours per semester - form Records of assistance to be passed to Office for doctoral and international studies).

Responsibility of students is to meet all the requirements defined by individual study plan (framework), which is approved by the Specialist Board. Student will drawn it up with his/her supervisor before the beginning of the 1st semester. This plan includes the study phases, the dates for the examinations and tasks related to publishing in professional journals. Study plan is specified and added to the annual plan, which may be changed with the approval of supervisor and the Head of the Doctoral Board. Fulfilment of that plan is controlled and evaluated by the Doctoral Board in cooperation with the supervisor.

Necessary prerequisites for the dissertation thesis defense: