Bachelor's and Master's Thesis - Guidelines for Advisors and Opponents

Criteria for Thesis Advisors

Bachelor's and master's thesis may be supervised by:

  • academic staff,
  • professional staff of universities and research institutes with a Ph.D. degree or equivalent,
  • professionals with a master's degree and at least 5 years of experience (after obtaining a master's degree) in computer science or a related field,
  • MU doctoral students after passing the doctoral state exams and defence of thesis topic,
  • graduates of doctoral study at FI MU, who gained experiences with supervision of successfully completed final theses at FI MU,
  • people placed on the name list approved by the Scientific Board.

Bachelor's thesis may also be supervised by:

  • doctoral students of FI MU,
  • people placed on the name list approved by the Scientific Board.

Duties of Advisor

The advisor must be familiar with the formal requirements for the bachelor's and master's theses, ideally should be familiar with complete instructions for students.

Advisor guarantees of thesis assignment, which is checked by the guarantor of study field (for diploma thesis). The thesis assignment should satisfy the following requirements:

  • the assignment must be adequate to the degree level,
  • the assignment must define specific goals, these goals are assessed by a committee during thesis defence,
  • the assignment must be formally correct, clear and understandable not only for experts in a particular field (e.g. the use of abbreviations is not desirable).

The official assignment is filled in by the thesis advisor in the Topic Lists of final thesis in IS MU. The student and his thesis advisor must confirm the thesis assignment in IS MU according to the terms of the end-of-study calendar for bachelor or master studies. Then official assignments are approved by the guarantors of study fields.

After approval of the official assignments advisor proposes thesis opponents. If the thesis consultant is involved in its supervision, he may write reviewer's report, but there must be another independent reviewer of the thesis. The thesis opponent is appointed by the departmental head on the basis of a proposal.

The selected individually separable annexes of thesis needn't be published in exceptional and well justified cases. It is very important to remember that only the public part of the thesis will be evaluated during the defence.

The thesis advisor checks immediately after thesis submission in IS, whether the student uploaded also electronic annexes and whether the thesis is not plagiarism (using tools in IS). The advisor must enter a grade for the course SBAPR/SDIPR associated with the preparation of the final thesis at latest after thesis submission so when a grade is "N" then opponent's report will not be prepared in vain because of the delay.

Thesis Reports

The thesis reports on the FI have a free structure, therefore report can be always written so that it is relevant to the specific type of thesis. Report must be of high quality both in content and formally. The reports are important feedback to students usually on their most extensive project. Reports are then freely available and quality of report represents you as well as FI MU. Reviewers should pay attention also to linguistic accuracy of report.

Reviewers of thesis should focus on:

  • evaluation of the quality of the work, including, for example verifying the functionality of implementation and have a look at electronic attachments (especially source codes),
  • evaluation of the quality of the text, namely the content, overall consistency of thesis, use of literature, quality of citations, linguistic accuracy, typographic and graphic design.

It is necessary to pay attention to check plagiarism, not only by automatic checking in the IS, but also according to the reviewer's "feeling". Unfortunately, it happens that students take text or images from the Internet without mentioning the source or without proper explicit citation. Reviewer can usually relatively easy to identify such parts, for example the obvious difference in language style from other text. In such cases, reviewer should detect plagiarism.

The thesis report should include:

  • brief summary of the thesis topic and its results (no need to repeat information provided in the thesis assignment or in thesis itself),
  • verbal comment on specific aspects of the thesis, it should be noted strengths as well as weaknesses,
  • specific comments, of which the student can learn more,
  • explicit proposal for an overall grading that reflects this verbal comment,
  • if the proposed grade is A and thesis is particularly outstanding , reviewer can propose it for the Dean's Award,
  • potential questions for thesis defence.

Reviewer's reports of bachelor's (or master's) thesis must be upload to the IS at least one week before the bachelor's (or master) state examinations.

Thesis Defence

The thesis defence is a part of the final state examination and it is expected the participation of the advisor and the reader there. If advisor or reader of the thesis cannot participate at thesis defence, he/she should send apologies to the chairman of the examination committee in advance.

Advisors and readers are invited in advance to send, to the Vice-dean for bachelor and master study, terms when they are not available during state examination period (e.g. due to a business trip), and the plan is to set exams of all students so that their advisors and readers could take part on their thesis defence. Participation at the thesis defense of advisors/readers who are not from Brno is not essential.

If the advisors or readers borrow a printed version of the thesis, it must be returned back together with reviewer's reports into the Study office (even if the advisor or reader is a member of the examination committee) so that the materials could be prepared for the state examination in advance.