Advanced 'Rigorozni' Procedure

Holders of the academic degree of “Magistr” are entitled to take an advanced Master’s (“rigorózní”) state examination in the same area of study and defend an advanced Master’s (“rigorózní”) thesis. Those who pass the advanced Master’s (“rigorózní”) state examination are awarded the following academic degree “Doktor přírodních věd” (“Doctor of Natural Sciences”, abbreviated as “RNDr.”, used in front of the name) in the area of the natural sciences.

  • The Application Deadline for the Advanced 'Rigorous' Examination: 15. 11. 2017
  • The application form together with all the attachments is required to be submitted at the Office for Reseach & Development & Doctoral Studies.
  • Requirements for the Oral Part of the Examination
  • Rules for the Advanced 'Rigorous' Procedure you can find in Part Five, Section 36 - 39 of the Advanced Examination Procedure

Responsible contact: Ing. Dana Komárková