Scholarships provide financial support for students. You can be awarded a scholarship for good grade average, for instance, or as part of scholarship programmes published by MU or individual faculties in accordance with the MU Scholarship Code.

If you work together with other faculties, you can obtain even scholarships published under their programmes, even though you are not their student.

University Scholarships

A list and information on university scholarships.

Faculty Scholarships

At FI, scholarships are governed by Dean's Directive 8/2023.

You might be interested in:

  • average-grade scholarship – you have successfully completed all courses in the period in question with an average of maximally 1.5 (provided you have collected enough credits),
  • support for excellent students enrolled in the first year of a Bachelor's programme – you have received an A on your math school-leaving exam or took part in a math contest,
  • award for excellent thesis and long-term study-related achievements – when you do really well throughout your programme or write a great Bachelor's or Master's thesis.

Check out other interesting scholarships (research, study abroad, study-related achievements …).

Other Scholarships