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Registration and enrollment of subjects

By registering a subject, you express your interest in this subject. At the same time, you can make sure you can sign up for it.
Subjects are registered during the Registration period of subjects and are written in periods of enrollment of subjects and changes in enrollment of subjects . You can find these periods in Schedule of faculties .
Seamless registered items are automatically enrolled as soon as the enrollment period begins.

Registration of subjects

Registration is also information for the teacher how many students are interested in the subject. Depending on the number of registered students, you can adjust the number of seminars listed or choose a suitable lecture room.
Registration of items is not binding. Even if the subject is automatically enrolled, you can unsubscribe it in the Entry Entries and Changes to Entry Entries .

Registration waves

Some items have a really limited capacity and can not be scaled according to student interest. In this case, the registration time of the items is decided.
In order to favor those students who are approaching the end of their studies and have a lesser (perhaps the last) opportunity to enroll for the subject, there is a system of registration waves:
The longer you study and the more credits you have earned, the sooner you are registered.
In the first semesters, your Registration period begins a few days later than specified in schedule .

Seamless registration

You can register the subject above the capacity. Your order is saved and if someone before you cancels your registration, it is possible that you will still be able to enter the capacity.
If you have entered capacity and you have completed prerequisites, your registration will be seamless and the registered courses will be automatically entered at the beginning of the enrollment period. Other items in the registration batch will not be written to you, but there is still the possibility that the place will be released and you will be able to enroll.

The advantage of registration is also that the courses are registered at midnight on the beginning of the enrollment period. The manual entry of courses is typically run at 17:00 and at 18:00 followed by the start of the Minutes in the seminar groups .
So, you can solve the seminar groups at 6 pm and you do not have to dump your subjects anymore.

Enrollment of subjects

In the period of registration of courses is already known the schedule and the final capacity of the subjects and the students prepare a timetable for their semester.
In the timetable, you should only have what you really will be trying to pass. Clarify in particular where there is compulsory attendance, where the lessons are taking place, and how much time you are taking over.

Changes in enrollment of subjects

The first 14 days of the semester you have to try out the subjects and if they do not meet your expectations, you can simply cancel your registration. Alternatively, you can still write some new ones. At the end of the period at the latest Changes to the entry of courses do not forget to affirm your currently enrolled subjects in Isu. The student's last confirmed list of registered courses is binding: these courses can not be canceled.

For detailed registration and registration of courses, please see MU Study and Examination Regulations, Article 11 .