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Accommodation in Brno at the FI

If you do not want to commute to Brno, you can stay at the MU college or get a private sub-lease or hire with other students right away or get at the college of other universities.

MU colleges

Everything about the tracks can be found at MU pages of dormitories and canteens . Since colleges have been allocated click-through competitions in the last few years, and are usually divided into a few tens of seconds after a scheduled date, we recommend that you prepare the tracks in advance, synchronize the clock on the computer, and the first time after the deadlin entry to the reload login page. We recommend the nearest Kounicov dormitory.

Private accommodation

When searching for a privat, the MU Web site can help Housing or ISu MU in the sections Housing - I offer and Housing - I offer a 3 day variation . In addition to MU resources, you can use general tools like a portal to search Sreality , unrealities or various facebook groups.

Halls of other universities

Accommodation is offered by other universities in Brno, for example Taufer's dorms within walking distance of the FI , offered relatively cheap MZLU.