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Accommodation in Brno while studying at FI

If you do not want to commute to Brno, you can stay at MU halls of residence, or at the beginning you can get private sublease or rent with other students or get at dormitories at other universities.

Koleje MU

All about the dorms can be found at MU halls of residence and canteens . Since in recent years, tracks have been allocated by a click competition and are usually divided into tens of seconds after the announced deadline, we recommend to prepare the tracks in advance, synchronize the clock on your computer and put them on the prepared login page in the reload browser in the first second. We recommend the nearest Kounicova college.

Private accommodation

The MU website may help in finding private accommodation Housing or IS MU in sections Housing - I offer and Housing - I offer a 3-day option . In addition to MU resources, you can use general tools such as a portal to search Sreality , bezrealitky or different facebook groups.

Dormitories of other universities

Accommodation is also offered by other universities in Brno. An example is the Taufer College within walking distance of FI, offered by Mendel University.