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Accommodation in Brno while studying at FI

If you don't want to commute to Brno, you can stay in the MU dormitories, or find a private sublet or lease together with other students from the start, or get accommodation in the dormitories of other universities.

MU dormitories

You can find everything about the halls of residence on the MU halls of residence and canteens website. Since in recent years dorms have been assigned by a click contest and are usually distributed in small tens of seconds after the announced deadline, we recommend preparing in advance to order dorms, synchronizing your computer clock, and reloading the prepared login page in your browser in the first second after the application deadline. We recommend the faculty of the nearest Kounicova dorm.

Private accommodation

The MU Housing website or the MU ISu website can help you in your search for a private accommodation in the sections Housing - I offer and Housing - I offer a 3-day option. In addition to MU resources, you can use general tools such as the Sreality portal, real estate-free sites or various Facebook groups to search.

Residence halls of other universities

Accommodation is also offered by other universities in Brno. An example is Taufer's dormitories within walking distance of FI, which are offered by Mendel University.