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Recognition of study and work stays abroad for study at FI MU

The basic condition for the recognition of subjects completed abroad, which is set at FI, is the registration of min. 50% credits for IT courses for all mobility programs.

The recognition of foreign study and work stays for study at FI MU is governed by the Rector's Directive No. 8/2011 Rules for the recognition of the results of international studies and study visits of Masaryk University students (effective from 1 September 2011) and the Methodological Instruction of the Director of the IMS MU No. 1/2011 Records of students' study and work stays abroad (valid from 1. 12. 2011).

The exact steps and detailed instructions for the recognition procedure for the different types of stays can be found at website of the Center for International Cooperation .

FI MU has also designated "authorized persons", who fulfill the function of delegated persons within the meaning of MU Rector's Directive No. 8/2011 and this supplements the Measure of the Dean of FI MU No. 01/2012 Authorization of persons responsible for the recognition of the results of study and work stays abroad of students of the Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University .

As a result of this measure, the Vice-Dean for Foreign and External Relations entrusted the approval of Learning Agreements for Erasmus students in Europe by individual field coordinators who manage individual contracts. The names of these coordinators are listed in the list of contracts for page about Erasmus at FI .
For all other mobility programs , including all work stays , the authorized person is doc. RNDr. Petr Sojka, Ph.D., Vice-Dean for International Relations, Promotion and Quality, contact him through Office for International Studies at FI MU .

List the authorized persons in the line Contact persons at the home institution, the first persons in the IS MU application Registration of data on internships, study and work stays .
Administrators of stays of individual faculties ensure administration of recognition of foreign stays after submitting an application for recognition to the IS. For FI MU it is Radka Brolíková , enter in the row the Administrator of foreign stays of the faculty / department / institute at MU in the IS MU application Registration of data on internships, study and work stays .