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English at FI

For bachelor students

  • The basic English you must master in order to take the bachelor's state final exam is VB001 Specialist English. The course is only in the form of an exam at the end of the semester. The exam checks whether your knowledge really corresponds to level B2 according to Common European Framework of Reference .

    VB001 Specialist English

  • Courses VB035 and VB036 are compulsory and prepare you for those parts of the VB001 exam that usually cause students difficulties - formal use of the language in written and spoken speech, presentations, feedback, handouts, etc. Seminars take place once every 14 days and each student keeps its own study record, which adapts to its individual possibilities, and therefore emphasis is placed on students' independence in language study.

    VB035 English I and VB036 English II

  • These courses practice presentation skills from all possible angles. The groups are small and also serve to gain confidence and confidence in using the spoken language. The exact content of the course varies according to the needs of the students and the result is a final presentation mostly at IBM evaluated by their experts.

    VB039 Presentations in English I VB040 Presentations in English II

For advanced

Not just FI

Grammar and complete beginnings

  • As a preparatory course for the entrance test to VB035, you can try the Intensive Course of English Grammar or other courses of the MU Language Education Center.

    Intensive courses

  • There is something for those who cannot pass the test at FF:

    Language school at FF MU