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English at FI

For undergraduate students

  • The basic English that you need to master in order to sit the Bachelor's State Final Exam is VB001 Specialist English. The course is only a form of exam at the end of the semester. The exam tests whether your knowledge is really equivalent to B2 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference.

    VB001 Specialist English

  • Courses VB035 and VB036 are compulsory and prepare you for those parts of the VB001 exam that students usually find difficult - formal use of language in written and spoken speech, presentations, giving feedback, creating handouts, etc. Seminars are held once every 14 days and each student keeps his/her own record of study, which is adapted to his/her individual abilities, so the emphasis is on students' independence in language study.

    VB035 English I and VB036 English II

  • These courses practice presentation skills from all possible angles. Groups are small and also serve to gain confidence and self-assurance in the use of spoken language. The exact content of the course varies according to the needs of the students and results in a final presentation, usually IBM-rated by their experts.

    VB039 Presentations in English I VB040 Presentations in English II

For advanced students

Not only at FI

Grammar and complete beginners