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Credits and prerequisites

You probably already saw the recommended study plan for your field of study, and you know that the standard length of study is 3 years in bachelor study (6 semesters), 2 years in a follow-up master study (4 semesters). The plan recommends students how to break down compulsory and optional subjects into semesters. But keeping it is not necessary.

FI allows students to adapt their studies and enroll them when they fit you. You can distribute your subjects within 5 or more semesters. You can make a free semester and go abroad or have time for an interesting bachelor in the 3rd semester. In short, you can really adapt your studies if you look at two things:

  • Enough credits
  • Fulfilling prerequisites


To receive the State Final Exam, you need to earn at least 180 credits (120 in the master's degree program).
Every subject on the whole MU has a certain number of credits that you will receive for completing it. This number roughly corresponds to the number of hours the student spends on the subject per week.
The recommended number of credits per semester is 30-35. So in the average semester you spend about 35 hours in preparation for school.
It is also recommended to enroll for more than 30 credits in the first semesters and have more free time for bachelor work and state training in the last two.
You will receive up to two thirds of the required credits for compulsory and elective courses. At least a third (60 credits) is up to you.

There is no upper limit, you can enroll for courses as much as you like, but you can cancel repetitions for less than 18 credits (12 in the NMgr study) for your studies .
If you do not finish the subject successfully, you will automatically be listed as soon as it is re-written. If you repeat and do not complete the subject successfully, your studies will be terminated (you do not meet the requirements for enrollment in the next semester).
If you do not finish the subject successfully and do not want to be automatically enrolled, you can cancel the obligation to repeat it. This is only possible for elective and optional subjects.

When selecting courses for the semester, remember that for the next semester you have to successfully complete the courses for 20 credits for the past semester or 45 credits for the sum of the last two semesters. Keep in reserve the number of credits.

As MU FI students, you can write articles from other MU faculties and credits for them. (If you have completed a course at another university, you can apply for its recognition in writing at Study Department.)


The prerequisite of the subject is a condition that must be fulfilled in order to enroll the subject.
For example, the State Final Exam is a subject that includes prerequisites for all mandatory and optional subjects in your field.

A typical prerequisite is successful completion of another subject. Sometimes items are so similar that their prerequisite is that you have not graduated or registered at the same time. Prerequisites can also be the student's approval or the fact that you are a student of a particular field.
Prerequisites are always listed in the IS MU in the subject information.

If you decide not to keep the recommended study plan, check the prerequisites for your compulsory subjects. You would not be the first to extend, because he had planned a subject in the last semester, the prerequisite of which was not fulfilled.

Learn more about credits and prerequisites in MU Study and Examination Regulations, Article 6 and in particular Article 11 .