Adaptive Learning Research Group

Contact: doc. Mgr. Radek Pelánek, Ph.D.


Adaptive learning systems are computer applications that adapt to the knowledge of a particular student. Our research group deals both with the practical development of such systems and with the related theoretical research. Examples of developed systems are Umíme česky (Czech spelling and grammar), RoboMission, Practice Anatomy. Adaptive behavior is based on mathematical models of knowledge and uses machine learning techniques.

The research of the group focuses on the following areas: educational data mining, learning analytics, intelligent tutoring systems, artificial intelligence in education, user modeling. We pay special attention to issues related to evaluation: How do we compare user modeling techniques? How to evaluate educational merits of adaptive systems? How to detect and treat biases that are present in data?

It is possible to participate in the research group activities in many different ways, ranging from the theoretical research of properties of statistical models to development of educational applications in JavaScript. Results of the work often have an immediate impact on thousands of users.