Our Lab

Adaptive Learning group is a small, but enthusiastic research lab at Faculty of informatics, Masaryk university.

Make learning more efficient and engaging by personalizing educational systems using artificial intelligence techniques.
Main Research Themes
  • Student modeling, domain modeling (based on students' answers estimate student knowledge and/or structure of the domain).
  • Instructional policies (algorithms for selection of appropriate questions/problems for a particular student).
  • Evaluation of educational systems (general methodological issues, specific case studies).
  • Problem solving, difficulty of problems.
  • Motivation

    The goal of adaptive learning is to make educational system personalized, so that they can adapt to needs of a particular students. Adaptive learning is very interesting area at the intersection of basic research and wide ranging applications.

    Research: The adaptive behaviour is based on mathematical models, these models are often constructed and evaluated using machine learning techniques. The most relevant research forums to our work are: Educational Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence in Education, Intelligent Tutoring Systems, our work has also connections to statistics, machine learning, psychometrics, cognitive science, ...

    Applications: Our research has direct widespread application. As part of our research, we are developing systems that are used by thousands of users. Research questions that we study are relevant to many non-profit and commercional large scale systems, e.g., Khan Academy, Duolingo, MOOCs, Carnegie Learning, Reasoning Mind, Math Whizz, ...


    13 Jul 2017 Our paper Experimental Analysis of Mastery Learning Criteria won the Best Paper Award at UMAP 2017!

    19 Apr 2017 We have 2 papers accepted at the UMAP conference and 1 paper accepted at the EDM conference.

    20 Dec 2016 Our Umime cesky system has more than 10000 registred users.

    2 Dec 2016 The paper Elo-based learner modeling for the adaptive practice of facts has been published in the User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction journal.

    16 Sep 2016 The paper Adaptive Geography Practice Data Set has been published in the Journal of Learning Analytics.

    10 May 2016 The paper Properties and Applications of Wrong Answers in Online Educational Systems has been accepted for the EDM conference.

    11 Apr 2016 The paper Applications of the Elo Rating System in Adaptive Educational Systems has been published in the Computers & Education journal.

    24 Mar 2016 We will also participate at ITS conference (one presentation, one poster).

    18 Dec 2015 Both of our LAK submissions got accepted as full papers. The paper Impact of Data Collection on Interpretation and Evaluation of Student Models is the best paper nominee.

    5 Oct 2015 Our new project: adaptive practice of anatomy for medical students - available in Czech (with latin terminology) and English.

    25 Jun 2015 Our paper "Impact of Adaptive Educational System Behaviour on Student Motivation" got the Best Student Paper Award at AIED (out of more than 100 submissions)!

    14 Jun 2015 Our journal paper Student Modeling Based on Problem Solving Times has been finally published in IJAIED (International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education).

    12 Jun 2015 We have published a data set from our geography learning application (outlinemaps.org). It contains more than 10 milion answers -- plenty of opportunities for educational data mining.

    19 May 2015 We will have strong presence at this year AIED and EDM conferences in Madrid: 7 presentations (2x long paper, 1x journal track, 1x short paper, 1x workshop, 2x doctoral consortium) and 2 posters. All papers are already available.