Applicant for a partnership

In the case interest in a long-term cooperation with the Faculty of Informatics MU within the AIP (Association of Industrial Partners) please contact:

Eva Matějková
contact person for the AIP
tel: 549 494 815

Please send us your company name, cooperation area you are interested in and contact person in your company to whom we will refer in the discussion of further cooperation.

On the basis of discussions and negotiations, further details and possibilities of cooperation will be agreed and an initial idea about allocation of partner's contribution will be set ahead (e.g. support of Bachelor / Master students, student competitions, award grant to the best Bachelor or Master thesis)

Each partner is provided with the following promotional services within the AIP during the collaboration:

  • partner's presentation on the AIP web,
  • partner's presentation on the AIP and faculty information sites,
  • promotion of partner events at the faculty,
  • participation at the Day with IP (two times per year).

In addition, companies in the highest category of partnership may be provided with additional specific services.