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  • Informatics colloquium 28. 11. Software Architectures and Techniques for Compliance Monitoring . . .

    Informatics colloquium 28. 11. 2017, 14:00 lecture hall D2 Univ.-Prof. Dr. Uwe Zdun, Faculty of Computer Science, University of Vienna Software Architectures and Techniques for Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Abstract: IT compliance means in general complying to regulations that apply to an IT system. There are many other rules and constraints in a software system that have characteristics similar to IT compliance rules stemming from regulations, including security policies, business rules, QoS rules, deployment rules, and even architecture conformance rules. In this talk, we discuss software architectures and techniques for automated compliance monitoring and enforcement. Goals are to enhance the automation in compliance controls and make compliance controls easier to implement, reuse, and change - and thus less costly. We will discuss different categories of compliance checking techniques, like those that check at design time, runtime, or after runtime, and those that are primarily focussed on structures or behaviors. Further we discuss the need and techniques for involving domain experts more closely, as well as semi-automatic guidance for control definition, monitoring, and enforcement.

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