Během akademického roku jednou týdně přednáší zvaný přednášející (z ciziny i od nás) o své vědecké práci. Kolokvium, které probíhá na Fakultě informatiky, je otevřeno pro vědeckou veřejnost. Termíny přednášek můžete najít v programu. Úterý 14.00 - 15.00, D2, FI MU, Botanická 68a

Program kolokvií s abstrakty pro semestr Podzim 2017

3. 10. 2017
Mgr. Jan Obdržálek, PhD., FI MU
Digraph Width Measures
Abstrakt: Treewidth, defined by Robertson and Seymour, proved to be an extremely successful graph parameter. Intuitively, it measures how much tree-like a given graph is. Many problems which are NP-hard on general graphs become tractable on graphs of low treewidth. However treewidth quickly hits its limits once we try to apply it to directed graphs. Directed acyclic graphs (DAGs), on which many problems have simple efficient algorithms, can have arbitrarily high treewidth. Naturally one can ask whether there is a digraph width measure with all the nice properties of treewidth. In this talk we first quickly survey some of the known digraph width measures, and then try to answer the question whether there indeed is a good directed counterpart to treewidth.
10. 10. 2017
Doc.RNDr. Gabriel Semanišin, Ph.D., děkan Prírodovedeckej fakulty UPJŠ Košice
Two challenges in networks communications
Abstrakt: Internet of things and an enormous recent expansion of social networks have brought a lot of new challenges in the areas of secure and efficient communications in networks.

In the talk we will discuss two aspect of such communication. We will provide some motivation and background of the treated problems and later we will concentrate on two specific challenges that are related to the creation of the network topologies and afterwards to the monitoring of the communication in the networks.

We will briefly demonstrated two graph theory methods based approaches to the above problems. One is related to the Load Balancing Problem and the second on to the k-Path Vertex Cover Problem that provides a generalization of the well-known Minimum Vertex Cover Problem.

Finally, we will briefly present goals and outcomes of our two recent international pilot projects in electronic communications at which we have been taking part.

Odpovědná osoba: RNDr. Ivan Fialík, Ph.D.