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  • Informatics colloquium 14. 11. Military robotics and the Army of the Czech Republic

    Informatics colloquium 14. 11. 2017, 14:00 lecture hall D2 pplk. doc. Ing. Jan Mazal, Ph.D., NATO Modelling & Simulation Centre of Excellence, Rome Military robotics and the Army of the Czech Republic Abstract: The world of information technology and automation passed an unprecedented expansion in the last decade and it affects all areas of our lives today, including the military. As shown in many military operations, for example in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and other countries, the results of research and development have played a decisive role, indicating that the high technological approaches in combat has proven itself as a key element of a victory in almost all conducted conflicts. This factor is speeding up the development of selected military-technological areas, which slowly indicate a breakthrough in the ways of the combat operations management in "the depth and width", which the human has not experienced throughout its existence yet. With a high probability it can be said, that we are on the edge of another technological revolution, which certainly will have a serious impact on the global society. It will perhaps surpass all previous milestones of human progress and maybe even some visions from Sci-Fi literature. The impacts of significant advances in the development on the field of artificial intelligence, robotics and industrial automation, can be very difficult to predict, even in the short term. The aim of the presentation is to briefly inform students with a short history of armed conflicts and the impact of technology on command and control, on possible approaches that lately come, also, possible ways, how to implement robotic systems in military operations and the effect of artificial intelligence on the military operations management, how to increase the effectiveness of operational command and control, and briefly summarize research and development in the field of military robotics within the Army of the Czech Republic.

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