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  • Informatics colloquium 10. 10. Two challenges in networks communications

    Informatics colloquium 10. 10. 2017, 14:00 lecture hall D2 Doc. RNDr. Gabriel Semanišin, Ph.D., dean of Prírodovedecká fakulta UPJŠ Košice Two challenges in networks communications Abstract: Internet of things and an enormous recent expansion of social networks have brought a lot of new challenges in the areas of secure and efficient communications in networks. In the talk we will discuss two aspect of such communication. We will provide some motivation and background of the treated problems and later we will concentrate on two specific challenges that are related to the creation of the network topologies and afterwards to the monitoring of the communication in the networks. We will briefly demonstrated two graph theory methods based approaches to the above problems. One is related to the Load Balancing Problem and the second on to the k-Path Vertex Cover Problem that provides a generalization of the well-known Minimum Vertex Cover Problem. Finally, we will briefly present goals and outcomes of our two recent international pilot projects in electronic communications at which we have been taking part.

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