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  • Erasmus+ study 2016/17

    Office for International Affairs announces a call for Erasmus+ study in the academic year 2016/17. Erasmus programme allows to FI students to study at some foreign university with which the FI has signed bilateral agreement. The living expenses are covered by student from scholarship provided by the programme. Length of stay abroad is 3-12 months, depending on the particular bilateral agreement. FI evaluates students according to the following criterias:

    • Study results
    • Language skills
    • Cover letter in English (lenght 1/2 - 1 page A4) including courses/areas which you would like to study at host universities
    • Deparmental coordinator assessment
    • Prior study abroad
    FI students apply through an electronic application in ISOIS database on 1 - 24 February 2016.

    Web address