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Microsoft Imagine is a Microsoft licensing program that provides an unlimited number of licenses for selected products for teaching and research purposes to a member of a faculty or faculty.

What's included in the program

The program includes: … and more. Included are, for example, the Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook) or applications for home users (games, educational software, etc.).

Who can benefit from the program?

FI students - on their home computers, if they study at least one subject in the field of computer science (trivially fulfilled). Student must be a FI student, it is not enough to have an item written on FI. After finishing their studies at the FI, they can continue to use the software, but they may not reinstall it (such as when reinstalling the computer) and will receive no updates from FI.

FI Teachers - on their computers in the offices if they are FI employees while teaching a computer-oriented subject under specific conditions (teachers interested in contacting administrator MS Picture of FI MU).

Doctor FI students - on their computers in offices.

In addition, software can be installed in computer labs and research laboratories .

None of these uses must contravene the permitted use of the program and, in particular, must not correspond to any of the prohibited uses of the program - see below.

Using the program

MS Imagine software can be used: it is not possible to use, for example:

If you are interested in using, which is not explicitly stated or explained in this way, do not try to experiment with the program administrator.

ELMS - download server

ELMS is a web-based system that manages the licensing and software distribution of MS Imagine. If you have this program access , click on the MS Imagine link in the authenticated part of the system's home page faculty administration .

If necessary, authenticate yourself directly on the site ELMS using FI credentials.

How to get the software On the home page, locate the product you want. Then follow the intuitive click sequence: Add To CartCheck OutDownload Your Software → and click Start Download. This also tells you the installation / activation key. You can review your order details, including the installation key, for all your downloaded products in your account information (click on your login → Your Account / Orders in the upper right corner).

Most SWs can be downloaded and installed only a few times. If you need a further download or an installation / activation key, write to the program administrator with a justification.